The Man Who Sold Parkdale

Form a tenants association

Organized tenants are the biggest threat to a landlord’s power over our lives. Even – and especially – if a building sells, having an active tenants’ association is the best way to make sure tenants’ basic rights are respected.

Anyone can form a tenants association. All it takes is a decision amongst a group of tenants to create one. You can get support in doing so from the Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations.

Tenants’ associations are a way for tenants to share information about treatment by the landlord (or their agents), compare rent increases, and discuss notices from the building administration. It can also be a group that can organize to make demands of landlords to have tenants’ rights respected.

You can write letters with lists of repairs you expect to see happen, you can take a case to the Landlord Tenant Board together, you start a rent strike together (but get advice from one of these organizations before you do so).

You can download a free tenants guide (with info on starting an association) from the FMTA website: