The Man Who Sold Parkdale


Is your building up for sale? Are you worried about being priced out?

Nick Brewerton and real estate agents like him are selling off our homes in Parkdale. If we are going to hold onto the places we live and keep our neighbourhood affordable, we are going to have to get organized together.

Below are a few ideas to help you get started and connect with others:

Find support from organizations. Parkdale has lots of not-for-profit organizations and community groups that can help you with legal issues, social service supports and connecting with other tenants in similar situations.

Learn your rights. You’ve got rights as a tenant. Your landlord probably hasn’t told you about them, but there are laws they still have to respect. Read up on them to help defend yourself and your neighbours against evictions and landlord harassment.

Download a ‘Nick-Free Zone’ door sign. Print and post one of these signs to let your landlord and their real estate agents know that they can’t come into your home without the 24 hours required by law. The more tenants who do this, the harder it will be to sell the building.

Form a tenants’ association in your building. If you are talking to your fellow tenants, sharing information and learning your legal rights together, it will be much harder for your landlord or any future landlord to force any of you to leave.

Read or add to The Nick Brewerton Report. This is a listing of Parkdale buildings that Nick Brewerton is selling or has sold, and the number of units involved. We know what happens to most of these units when they sell: people leave or get pushed out and the rents go way up. Find out if your building is on the list.