The Man Who Sold Parkdale


Nick Brewerton sells off rooming houses. He might even be trying to sell your home right now…

*Worried your building might be at risk?*

Rooming houses are the biggest source of affordable housing in Parkdale. More than 800 rooms and apartments are at risk and Nick is likely to sell most of them.

When Nick Brewerton sells a rooming house, new landlords often start evicting existing tenants or paying them off to leave. Then they renovate their units and double or triple rents. Bachelor apartments that cost $700/month before Nick sold a building are regularly renting for $1700/month after.

*Do you know your rights as a tenant?*

For folks with limited income, being kicked out of a Parkdale rooming house usually means having to leave the neighbourhood. Tenants often end up in outer suburbs like Scarborough where rents are still cheaper, losing access to social services and community here. Some refuse to leave their communities and end up homeless after being evicted.

Rooming house sales are forcing us from our homes and tearing apart our communities. We will not be pushed out so Nick Brewerton and the investors he sells to can line their pockets!



the first batch of media stories

Since the campaign went live there has been a lot of strong media coverage of Nick Brewerton, displacement realty and the big questions around gentrification and affordability in Parkdale. You can get more of the stories behind #TheManWhoSoldParkdale through the pieces below.

drinking alone

The neighbourhood doesn’t have some personal vendetta against you – we just don’t like how you make your money, because it affects us in negative ways you’ll probably never have to experience. Parkdale is made up of many communities and your particular ways of brokering and selling properties make many of us unwelcome here. So you can of course live here, but your business has to go.

VIDEO: Nick Brewerton explains Displacement Realty in Parkdale

Nick tells us how he turns poor people’s homes into rich people’s investment opportunities…

VIDEO: Nick Brewerton explains displacement realty in Parkdale